My Data Body at Art Gallery of St Albert

Exhibition Run: Nov. 30 2023 – Jan. 27 2024. Art Gallery of St. Albert, 19 Perron Street, St. Albert, AB. In this exhibition, entitled Inter Mundos, Megan Klak, Daniel Evans, and Marilène Oliver joined forces to present work contemplating the merging our physical and digital realities. The exhibition includes Oliver’s VR project My Data Body, […]

AGL discusses scoring two VR projects for second appearance at GameSoundCon

At this year’s GameSoundCon in Los Angeles, Scott Smallwood, Catherine Bevan, and Stephan Moore presented on our scoring of two VR projects: My Data Body, and Your Data Body, by Marilène Oliver. These pieces were presented as part of Know Thyself as a Virtual Reality, and have both been exhibited elsewhere.

Know Thyself as a Virtual Reality on Exhibition

FAB Gallery, University of Alberta, February 21 – March 18, 2023 Know Thyself as a Virtual Reality is an exhibition of seven new virtual reality artworks made using personal data (such as medical, biometric, and social media data) as part of the broader KTVR project. Five of the VR works are created by invited artists and […]

AGM presents The Lost Garden, and new upcoming projects, at GameSoundCon

The Audio Games Lab is excited to present several projects at GameSoundCon, Oct. 25-26 in Los Angeles. The talk is titled: Audio Games Lab: Audio and Musical Puzzle Mechanics in Games For our talk, we will focus on several novel audio puzzle mechanics from the game “The Lost Garden,” a 3D first-person escape game that […]

AGL receives major funding from SSHRC

The Audio Games Lab recently received major funding from The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. The project is titled “Audio Games and Music Composition,” and it will fund several projects over the next four years. From our summary: For the world of interactive media, a critical moment has arrived. In the past […]

AGL Releases the Lost Garden

The Audio Games Lab is excited to announce the final release of The Lost Garden, a 3D first-person audio puzzle game designed by Scott Smallwood, Nicolás Arnáez, and Jessa Gillespie. This game has been in development for 3-4 years now, off and on, with many related side projects and pieces as well. Although some early […]

Evidence creates prototype maze game as an opening “track” for upcoming album.

As a duo, Evidence, a duo of sound artists and performers featuring Stephan Moore and Scott Smallwood, has collaborated over the past 20 years on a variety of projects, including hundreds of live performances worldwide, several full-length LP albums on several different labels, and multichannel installations. We have both been fascinated and captivated for years […]

Audio Games Lab game cabinet officially installed in FAB/Hub Mall Pedway at the University of Alberta

The Audio Games Lab is happy to report a successful public year of operation for the Audio Games Cabinet, aka Super Paulino, albeit stunted by the recent covid events. This past summer we officially moved it from the quiet corner hallway niche outside of our lab to a much more public location on campus: the […]